Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 49

I was sick for two days with a bad headache and upset stomach. I was so grateful when the headache finally went away yesterday, and I felt like I could function again.

While I had the headache, I checked my blood pressure regularly and found that it went up to 140/100. I think the headache probably caused the blood pressure to go up and not the other way around. I haven't taken my blood pressure yesterday or today because of the heatwave we have had. My blood pressure tends to be higher when I am not comfortable. Temperatures were up above 100 yesterday, and up to 104 today with a high humidity that renders our swamp cooler next to useless. Actually, the cooler does cool things down enough to make things almost bearable.

Luckily, the house we worked in today had the air conditioning going full blast. I had my iPod on and was doing a lot of dancing while working - to the point where I was working up quite a sweat. I was grateful for the opportunity to exercise at work because I could not exercise at home - not even while standing directly in front of the cooler. As I type this, it is still 87 degrees outside at 9:45pm.

So far, my energy is still very high even with the house being so warm. I found this out last night when the fleas launched another attack, and I had to fight back by vacuuming the entire living room, spraying the couches, and putting DE under the rugs. I started at around 6:30pm and finished at around 9:30. Unfortunately, the fleas are still going insane. My roommate is going to spray the entire yard with something to kill the fleas, which is something I was hoping we could avoid as it will kill everything else. But we have to do something. The cats and dog are miserable.

At work today, I spoke with the customer who I had recommended DE to. Unfortunately, after taking it for 3 weeks, the only thing she noticed was that she had more energy. I was hoping it would help her with her back pain the way it has helped me, but it didn't do much for her at all. Maybe she would need to take it for a longer period of time to notice anything, or maybe it just doesn't help with the problem she has.

I am still seeing some great results however. My left knee is almost back to normal! At times, I find myself going up and down the front steps without leaning on the bricks beside the steps! I am also having little to no pain during and after work. I have also noticed something totally unexpected recently. I have had bad toenail fungus on one of my toes, and nothing I did would get rid of it. The toenail was extremely thick - nearly half an inch in the middle, and it looked horrible. I try to use toenail clippers to get rid of the excess, but it all just grows back. I noticed yesterday that the toenail is getting much thinner, and at the base it appears healthy. I looked it up online and found that DE is supposed to get rid of fungus. This is a wonderful surprise as I was so self-conscious when wearing sandals. Now I am not so worried about people seeing that toe anymore.

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